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Who We Are


Founder | CEO
Sotiris studied Agronomic Sciences in Technological Agricultural Institute of Crete and got specialized in ecological & biodynamic farming in France | Ecole d’ Agrobiologie de Beaujeu, and Group de Recherche en Agriculture Biologique.  He holds diploma on “Sustain Earth and its People” from Renewing Earth and its People Foundation|J.Doran and Ecology Action in Nebraska | USA. He has worked in organic-food companies, members of Association des producteurs biologiques du Rhône et de la Loire | ARDAB. He is co-founder at BioForum SA, sub-Representative of Greece in IFOAM.eu. Sotiris has been setting up projects to connect Land, Gastronomy and Responsibility of Hospitality on Crete since 1997. He works between Farming and Tourism business in order to build a “Sustainable Food Destination”. With the Team of Local Food Experts sce, he works to Build more locally based self-reliant Food economies.


Founder | International Relations & Trade

Efthymios holds a M.Sc. in Agronomy sciences. Specialized in Landscape Architecture, he has rich design and construction experience in residential, business and hotel premises.

Since 2000 he has been active in Real Estate & Land Developing as a company consultant. Since 2004, he is actively engaged in the field of international trade and international relations, mainly with the markets of China, Russia and the Middle East. He has been the Chairman for Marketing, Purchasing & Sales of the European Economic Chamber, EEIG (2007-2009). In 2008, he received a Certified Enterprise Manager degree (CEM) from the International Institute of Enterprise Management and in 2009, he received MBA (Master of Business Administration) from European Carolus Magnus University. Efthymios is a public speaker, organizer of philosophical symposia and an analyst of geopolitical and historical topics.


Founder | Senior Judge

Dr George Almpouras is a senior judge, serving today at the Appellate Court of Athens, which adjudicates criminal and civil cases.He has completed postgraduate studies in public, European, criminal law and environmental health. He elaborated his PhD in criminal environmental law.He is active in judicial, humanistic and environmental issues and has long and varied action on them in Greece and abroad.He is teaching law in undergraduate and postgraduate level.He is married and has two kids, to which he hopes to deliver a better world.

Founder | Consultant for Gastronomy and Alternative Tourism

Zoe focuses on the development of gastronomic and alternative tourism networks. She consults companies to develop and promote such practices, as well as wellness experiences for their visitors.Zoe helps destinations to design and apply tailor made strategies and special tools that enhance promotion of local products and gastronomy through local tourism development. She is the first and sole certified member of Patnership Brokers Association in Greece.Zoe specializes in training, co-ordination and Trisector Partnerships between state, business and society, aiming at regional sustainable development. Zoe studied and practices Environmental Engineering, she holds a MSc in Regional Development, has been trained as an outsource business consultant and since 2012 is a member of the Advisory Board at the Hellenic Startup Association.She is also a mentor at the “Orange Grove” Hub of the Dutch embassy in Greece and at the ACEin program at the Athens University of Economics and Business, as well as a judge at the IdeaTree Innovation & Youth Entrepreneurship Competition of the Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation.

Senior Partner | Consultant for Organic & Biodynamic Agriculture

Jean-Luc is a highly experienced consultant in organic and bio-dynamic agriculture. His areas of expertise reach from Arboriculture & Viticulture to Market gardening, soil health diagnosis by the Herody method and many more.
Himself has been an organic arborist for 25 years and has been consulting for the same period many arborists, winemakers and market gardeners, in groups or individually, in different regions of France and Europe.
Jean-Luc is the founder and director of the training center “Le Chant des Arbres” in Manosque since 2007 and has also been the founder and editor of ARBO BIO INFOS newsletter from 1997 to 2016, produced in collaboration with GRAB (Group for Research in Biological Agriculture).
He closely collaborates with GRAB in Avignon on bio experimentation and the diffusion of technical documents in France. He has published many books with ITAB (The French Research Intitute for Organic Farming) and GRAB and also many articles for various newspapers and magazines.

Senior Partner | Business Strategy & Strategic Management

Constantine Manasakis is economist (MBA, PhD), Assistant Professor at the University of Crete. His work focuses on Business Strategy and Strategic Management with emphasis on strategic social and environmental corporate responsibility.
He approaches corporate responsibility as a ring in the value chain, a source of sustainable competitive advantages, and a tool for creating shared value towards sustainable development.
Constantine is expert in the implementation of modern methodologies regarding the development and governance of corporate-specific responsibility strategies as well as the re-engineering of the relevant corporate operations.
He is also expert in sustainable tourism development through ICT enabled personalized tourism packages based on the inclusion of rural experiences in the mainstream tourism product.

Media manager

Georgios-Hermes studies History and Philosophy of Sciences at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has certified knowledge and experience in internet marketing & promotion, social media management and web analytics. Georgios-Hermes compiles LFE media reports and press releases and represents Local Food Experts at national and international media events.
He is also BoD member at the Center for Urban Reformation and the editing director and regular writer at the offline-post web magazine.

Partner | Marine Environment & Coastal Zone management

Dimitris Poursanidis is a Research Fellow, at the Remote Sensing lab of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) in Heraklion, Greece and founder of terraSolutions m.e.r SME.He is an Earth Observation Analyst with strong knowledge and analytical skills on GIS and Cartography and a Marine Ecologist with experience on Mediterranean biogeographical zone. He holds a PhD on Marine Ecology from the University of the Aegean, Dept. of Marine Science, an M.Sc. on Integrated Coastal Zone Management and a degree on Environmental Management. His main research interests include the study of natural environment using Earth Observation coupled with in situ data and the development of methods for the analysis of landscape-seascape interactions. Links for scientific/business profile: ResearchGate, Linkedin, GoogleScolar
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Partner | Architect, Graphic designer, 3D visualization

Elina is an architect engineer. She works on architectural design, interior design, graphic design-illustration, renovation and 3D visualisation. She studied in Technical Univesity of Crete in which she received her professional diploma in Architectural Engineering . She works mostly in architectural and renovation projects and graphic design in Greece or abroad. Since 2016, she works as a graphic designer for the San Francisco Greek Film Festival and for the branding of small businesses in Crete. Also, she works as a freelancer architect and designer since 2014.

Senior Accountant

Michalis has a long career and a proven experience as a financial controller, accounting supervisor and chief accountant. He holds a BS degree in Accounting and has developed a thorough knowledge of advanced accounting procedures, much beyond the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Michalis regularly updates his job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks and participating in professional organizations.

LFE appreciates Michalis for his accuracy and attention to detail, his awareness of innovative business trends, his aptitude for numbers and quantitative skills and his advanced skills in accounting software.


Agronomist | Natural Resources Management & Agricultural Engineering | Arboriculture and Viticulture

Aspasia has graduated from the Agriculture university of Athens, Department of  Natural Resources Management & Agricultural Engineering. She has additionally attended the postgraduate program of Science and Systems of Crop Production  and has been specialized in Arboriculture and Viticulture.

She is a contractor of the public program for the “Control of the Bactrocera oleae insect’’ for four consecutive years in the area of Rethymnon, Crete. Aspasia believes that a balanced and healthy relationship between humans and the ecosystem is what would fit the best for both!


Partner | Agronomist, MSc Agricultural University of Athens

Panagiotis is a specialized technical consultant in multiple farm & food projects in of Organic Farming, Food Safety, Urban Farming and Agrotourism.
He is the Project Manager and Co-founder at Med Culture PC.
Panagiotis has been tutoring in many training seminars (more than 2000 hours) as an Experienced – Accredited Instructor (EOPPEP).
He is an Expert and Lead auditor in Organic Farming and Food Safety Management Systems and a Member of the Agroecological Network of Greece (Agroecology Greece)