Business Development

Sustainable Food Processing

Address Sustainability When you Design your Food Processing Techniques For the Future

LFE assists food processing companies to embrace sustainable innovations and enhance efficiency, cost-saving and profitability; for providing answers to the higher expectations and demand from consumers.


International Trading

International Promotion of Local Food

Local Food Experts guide local farmers and food companies for promoting and exporting their products around the globe. LFE guarantee smooth process for all stages involved during the international trading procedure.


Sustainability Report In Food Business

Measure, Understand and Communicate your Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance Performance

LFE helps your food business to implement increased transparency that leads to better decision making; this helps your stakeholders build and maintain trust in your business.

Sustainability reporting ensures that your food business considers its impacts on sustainability issues and enables you to be transparent about the risks and opportunities you face.


Cosmetics | Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials

We Provide you With Support and Advice During your Investigation for New Raw Materials Resources

LFE are in position to offer a broad range of special raw materials for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.Our partners are not only prominent producers, but also small nature specialists with unique products.Our convictions ensure that our focus remains on natural and ethically produced products.