Sustainable Tourism

Short Food Supply Chains

Creating Links Between Agriculture, Society, Producers and Consumers in Destinations

By having local tourism industry supporting sustainable local food producers, a virtuous circle is enabled for both community and territory; by improving producer remuneration, adding value to sales, building a relationship with the local community and supporting the preservation of local landscapes.


We Do Local

Promote Regional Uniqueness and the Responsibility of Hospitality

“We do local” is a business certification standard. The business certified by “We do local” Standard: supports the production, economy and human resources of the place they are situated in, promotes regional uniqueness and theresponsibility of hospitality, offers services which highlight local culture and gastronomy respects the environment and the sustainability of their homeland.


Sustainable Landscaping

An Attractive Environment, in Balance with Local Climate and Minimal Resource Inputs

LFE design and construct functional, cost efficient, visually pleasing, environmentally friendly and easy maintainable landscapes in resorts, farms and business areas.


Hotel Farming

Organic Fresh Food Produced in Hotel Properties

A very impressive and effective element in the Hospitality industry! Cultivation of organic fresh food in the hotel property for use in the main restaurant and the a-la-carte restaurants. It can be performed either in small part of the garden, or in nearby dormant lands.


Sustainable Agrotourism

Successful Development For Rural Communities According to a Sustainability Paradigm

LFE mobilizes and networks the productive, cultural and developmental forces of an area, contributing to the sustainable environmental, economic and social development of the rural zone.


Sustainable Events

Get Engaged With your Stakeholders Around Sustainability and Communicate what you’re Doing

LFE guides and support organizations to consider and implement sustainability within their working operations, when it comes in events management.